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Answering His Call

  • Our Daily Bread
  • Feb 18, 2018

Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this? ESTHER 4:14

When was the last time you were asked to do something that made your knees shake? When you hear about someone who took a courageous stand, do you question whether you could have done the same?

Rahab, identified in the Book of Joshua as a prostitute, found herself faced with a terrifying choice when Israelite spies went to her for shelter (2:1). Despite the danger, she hid the men from the king of Jericho, recognizing an opportunity to align with the true God (vv. 8–12).

Similarly, Queen Esther, a Jewish girl who became queen when God’s people were in exile in the Persian Empire, recognized her need to act when her people were faced with extermination (Esther 3:8–13). So she prayed and fasted for wisdom and strength to approach her husband, King Xerxes (4:15–16). Her courageous actions were used by God to deliver His people from death (8:5–6, 11, 16–17).

And in the 19th century, former slave Sojourner Truth was faithful to her calling from God, willing to jeopardize her own freedom and life to advocate for the freedom of her enslaved and disenfranchised brothers and sisters.

What might we be called into during “such a time as this”? (4:14). How might we be a part of the long legacy of courage found in the history of people of faith?

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